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IDEAL Effectively Anti-Glaring Polarized Lens

Short Description:

Application scenarios: Usually used in sports such as driving and fishing, polarized lenses can help the wearer see more clearly in these activities, thereby avoiding potential dangers. Glare is concentrated light bouncing off horizontal shiny surfaces, such as car windshields, sand, water, snow, or tarmac. It reduces visibility and makes our eyes uncomfortable, painful and even dangerous while continuing to drive, cycle, ski or just sunbathe.

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Product IDEAL Polarized Lens Index 1.49/1.56/1.60
Material CR-39/NK-55/MR-8 Abbe Value 58/32/42
Diameter 75/80mm Coating UC/HC/HMC/MIRROR

More Information

● Polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce glare, especially from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass. We all know that we rely on the light that enters our eyes to see clearly on a sunny day. Without good sunglasses, reduced visual performance can be caused by brightness and glare, which occurs when objects or light sources in the field of view are brighter than the amount of light the eyes are accustomed to. Most sunglasses provide some absorption to reduce brightness, but only polarized sunglasses can effectively eliminate glare. Polarized lenses eliminate glare from flat surface reflections.

● Polarized lenses consist of a special filter that is applied to the lens during the manufacturing process. This filter is made up of millions of tiny vertical lines that are evenly spaced and oriented. As a result, polarized lenses selectively block horizontally polarized light that causes glare. Because they reduce glare and improve visual clarity, polarized lenses are especially useful for people who spend a lot of time in bright outdoor environments. We offer a range of polarized lenses to help reduce glare and strong light and enhance contrast sensitivity so you can see the world more clearly with true colors and better clarity.

● There are a full range of mirror film colors for you to choose from. They're not just a fashion add-on. Colorful mirrors are also very practical, they can reflect light away from the surface of the lens. This reduces glare-induced discomfort and eye strain, and is especially beneficial for activities in brightly lit environments, such as snow, water, or sand. Additionally, the mirrored lenses hide the eyes from the outside view - an aesthetic feature that many consider to be uniquely attractive.

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