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IDEAL High UV Protection Blue Block Lens

Short Description:

● When can we use? Available all day. Due to the continuous emission of blue light from sunlight, object reflections, artificial light sources, and electronic equipment, it may harm people’s eyes. Our lenses using advanced technology of high-definition blue light protection, based on color balance theory to reduce chromatic aberration, can absorb and block harmful blue light (effectively block UV-A, UV-B and the high-energy blue light) and restore the true color of the thing itself .

● Supplemented by a special film layer process, it can achieve wear-resistant, anti-glare, low-reflection, anti-UV, anti-blue light, waterproof and anti-fouling, and HD visual effects.

Product Detail

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Key Details

Product Clear Blue Block Lens With No Background Color Index 1.56/1.591/1.60/1.67/1.74
Material NK-55/PC/MR-8/MR-7/MR-174 Abbe Value 38/32/42/38/33
Diameter 75/70/65mm Coating HC/HMC/SHMC

More Information

● Compared with the anti-blue light lens directly coated with anti-blue light film (the blue film will make the reflection of the lens obvious and affect the visual effect to a certain extent), adding anti-blue light raw materials to the lens base can maximize the transmittance of light;

● Compared with the anti-blue light lens with a background color, the color sense when viewing objects is weakened, and the blue block lens guarantees the light transmission while ensuring anti-blue light effect, and restores the true color of the object itself;

● By adding an anti-blue light factor to the lens base material, the absorption of high-energy blue light is realized, and the good and bad blue light that directly enters the fundus is effectively distinguished, and the harmful high-energy short-wave blue light is reflected or absorbed while the beneficial long wave blue light is allowed to pass;

● The addition of a super waterproof film layer makes the lens have good wear-resistant, anti-fouling, anti-UV, anti-radiation, high-definition and light-transmitting effects.

CLEAR Blue Block 201

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